My Sort of CV

Receptionist – 1 year – Private sector

High point/s:

  • I felt like a grown up as I could wear heels to work
  • The hour and half commute meant I had plenty of time to read
  • I developed an out of control crush as never experienced before on a non-celebrity

Low point/s:

  • I sat on my own all day
  • I acted on my out of control crush to devastating consequences
  • My manager was evil incarnate

Lowest point/s:

  • The subject of my out of control crush moved onto someone else
  • After that, every single morning
  • All these years later I still hear my manager’s voice in my head

Reason/s for leaving:

  • I started my employment with an expiry date
  • To start a degree (which never really took off…)

Temporary Admin Support – 3 months – Private sector

High point/s:

  • I really needed some money
  • It rescued me from my soul destroying Christmas job at Baby Gap

Low point/s:

  • 7 hours of data entry. Every day.
  • No one knew my name the whole time I was there

Lowest point/s:

  • The bus ride there and back. Buses delay life but propel existence. There’s a significant difference. 

Reason/s for leaving:

  • I didn’t really have a choice

Customer Services Officer – 3 months – Public sector

High point/s

  • I actually had somewhere to go every morning!
  • Which meant I had to actually think about what to wear every morning!
  • Meeting a vast array of people and picking my way through a vast array of attitudes.

Low point/s

  • A paranoid member of the public who picked an argument every second week with me
  • Constantly losing the argument with the member of public as the customer is always right.

Lowest point/s

  • Crying in the smoking room about an argument with the paranoid member of public

Reason for leaving 

  • Public sector budget cuts
  • (Which means, they asked me to leave)

Administrative Assistant – 20 months – Private sector

High point/s:

  • I knew I would start a degree the following Autumn
  • Knowing exactly how many ceiling tiles there are in the office I worked in.

Low point/s:

  • There wasn’t very much to do.

Lowest point/s:

  • My manager covertly printing a 30 page dossier of an email conversation between myself and an ex-colleague discussing the negative aspects of mutual employees, including my manager.
  • Having to apologise to my manager when her managers invited me to discuss the issue with them.

Reason/s for leaving:

  •  An increasingly awkward relationship with my manager made it a wise decision.

Office Administrator – 1 month – Private Sector

High point/s:

  • It was a very hot summer that year
  • I was able to observe the office as part of the profession I had concurrently been training to join.

Low point/s:

  •  Audio-typing was even duller than I had imagined.
  • There was a lot of audio-typing to do.
  • The other support staff were terrifying.

Lowest point/s:

  • I started to doubt whether I wanted to work in that profession.

Reason/s for leaving:

  • Work experience ended.

Administrator – approximately 4 years and counting – Public Sector

High point/s:

  • I was employed after graduating and failing to find ideal employment.
  • I have learnt how to be a Good Administrator

Low point/s:

  • After a re-shuffle I am now in a role in which there is not much to do.
  • But even if there was, I’d still be miserable.

Lowest point/s:

  • How did 4 years disappear like this?!

Reason/s for not leaving: 

  • The cycle has to stop at some point. I will not leave this job for the same one in a different office.
  • I need the money.

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