What makes a great Administrator?

  • a willingness to go the extra mile?
  • the communication skills of the horse whisperer but with people?
  • the flexibility to actually be in control of two whole things at once and complete them both?

I can’t tell you because I don’t care.  After the accumulation of nearly 8 years in the same accidental roles, I can suggest tips, strategies and advice on what to do if you hit the brick wall some time ago but find yourself perpetually turning up. If you’re new to Admin and just grateful for the job – good luck! But for anyone else who has become hardened to the paper cuts, for anyone who should be rewarded for acts of bravery relating to the innards of the photocopier and especially for those who have started to take their Monday morning existential crises for granted – come in, sit down and enjoy. And particpate please – I need to know I’m not the only one struggling in my accidental job.


The intention of this blog is to supply tips, strategies and an ever increasing set of skills to add to your CV as you look for the next job. As I have labelled myself Queen Administrator, posts will be added as either a tip, strategy or skill as this appeals to the deeply organised person I have become.

SKILLS are … an ever increasing list of hard and soft skills and what they actually mean for us as we dutifully add them to the CV.

STRATEGIES are … ways in which you can forage a route from 9am to 5pm without giving into the dark side.

TIPS are … a compendium of issues and ideas to consider while at work. These may also provide a good basis for a game of low self esteem bingo.

Footnote: As an easily influenced person, I have made the mistake of following some abhorrent advice from magazines in the past. As much as there is an effort to pool what I hope are general issues, concerns and whimperings don’t take it too seriously!


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